Why SVCA? (in 60 seconds)


SVCA will conduct an academic and spiritual program nurtured in Biblical principle that daily opens the minds of students toward being successful in God's eyes. Each student will be challenged with a holistic Christian worldview through total integration of faith and learning in each program.


From the Student:

A learning environment where the students respect the teachers and the teachers respect the students. SVCA is not overly focused on one aspect of an individual but very concerned with developing well rounded individuals.


For the Student:

18 different sports teams and electives a school wide field trips to choose from. SVCA is a place that understands not every student is solely interested in academics and offers more opportunities for each student to excel in areas that appeal to their interests and talents.


From the Parent:

The personal touch and the willingness to work with children individually and the “open door policy” parents are always met with when it comes to their child. “... I love the difference one year at SVCA has made to my child coming from eight years in public school.  I especially love how genuinely happy my son is!”


For the Parent:

Faculty and staff who love what they do. Teachers dedicated to investing in your child on a daily basis. In return, students love school, love learning and feel safe in their class.


For Everyone:

A safe, Christ-centered environment that is always ready to support your family in developing the whole child.