Dual Enrollment

Dual-enrollment with a post-secondary educational institution is available for seniors only after seeking approval through the Upper School Principal. Students must have a 3.0 GPA to be eligible to take dual-enrolled classes off-campus. Dual-enrollment is defined as participating in a particular college course to receive both a high school credit at SVCA and a credit from the post-secondary institution. Only certain courses will be allowed as a substitution for a high school course, and these decisions are based on the best academic interest of the student and will be made by the school administrator. To receive a high school credit for a post-secondary course, all courses and institutions must be approved by SVCA administration prior to enrollment in the course. In addition, the student will be financially responsible to SVCA for any credits taken as a dual-enrolled class, as they become part of the student’s transcript.

 Students received a credit at SVCA for each semester class that is successfully completed at the post-secondary institution. The student’s exact grade from the class will be entered on the student’s transcript.