Honor / Dress Code

Our dress code is based on the biblical principles of modesty, neatness, and appropriateness. Modesty is mentioned often as an important character quality (1 Timothy 2:9; 1 Thessalonians 4:5, 6). Modest people don’t go out of their way to bring undue attention to themselves. Likewise, neatness and appropriateness are important as we seek to be ambassadors for Jesus Christ. We need to be examples for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, in purity (1 Timothy 4:2). We also desire to give a good report and not be offensive in anything we do. This suggests living differently than the world (1 John 2:15). In addition, dress is to be distinctively masculine and feminine, reflecting a wholesome appreciation for God’s creative plan (Deuteronomy 22:5). As we determine to glorify the Lord in all we do (1 Corinthians 10:31), these qualities help us to do that in the area of dress.

It is also important to realize that parents, as the primary educators of their children (Deuteronomy 6; Ephesians 6), play a key role in this area of dress code. It is incumbent upon parents to guide and supervise their young people in the selection of appropriate clothing. Accordingly, this dress code is intended to make known in as clear a way as possible the position, guidelines, and restrictions of Shenandoah Valley Christian Academy in the area of dress.

Girls Bottoms: skirts*, dresses*, capris*, pants, jeans - must be neat and presentable, no rips, frays, holes, cut-offs

*skirts, dresses, and capris MUST be knee length*

*leggings are allowed only under knee length skirts or dresses*

Girls Tops: dress shirt, blouse, polo, sweater, sweatshirt, hoodies with dress code shirt underneath

Boys Bottoms: pants, jeans - must be neat and presentable, no rips, frays, holes, cut-offs

Boys Tops: dress shirt, polo, sweater, sweatshirt, hoodies with dress code shirt underneath

 Boys Hair:  hair should be neat, not long enough to be pulled back, ponytailed or put in a bun.   

 Not Allowed:

  • Bottoms-yoga pants, pajamas, lounge pants, sweat pants, athletic pants, shorts, spandex, skinny jeans
  • Tops-t-shirts, tank tops, spaghetti strap tops
  • Shoes-flip flops

Chapel Attire: NO jeans or capris are allowed to be worn on Chapel days


Clothing should not be tight, clingy or form fitting. Midriffs should not show when reaching or bending. Ladies’ necklines should not be revealing. Pants must fit properly at the waist, no “baggy” or “sagging” bottoms may be worn.


Clothing should be in good repair. No frays, rips, holes, etc. are allowed on any garment.


Writing on clothing which is inappropriate or brings undue attention must not be worn. SVCA t-shirts will be permitted on Fridays only, unless the administration announces otherwise. Footwear (shoes, sneakers, sandals, etc.) must be worn at all times. Hats (or the hoods of sweatshirts, coats, jackets, etc.) may not be worn inside any building. All SVCA students should exhibit modest and developmentally appropriate dress. Apparel should not, in any way, cause distractions of any sort.

The code falls under the categories of modest, neat, and appropriate as stated above. The administration may need, from time to time, to clarify the code with students. We hope this guide helps students to wear clothing which is appropriate. Please contact the school office if you have any questions. 

Dress Code – Sporting Events and Extracurricular Events

Students must be in school dress code at all SVCA functions or events except athletic and extra-curricular activities. Unless specific requirements have been set for a particular event, the following guidelines should be followed.

Students are encouraged to wear SVCA gear at sporting events!

Students are permitted to wear pants that are modest and appropriate, and that do not conflict with the principles for dress at SVCA.  Appropriateness and modesty once again constitute the primary point of emphasis. Students who do not comply with school guidelines regarding appropriate attire for SVCA events will incur disciplinary action through SVCA personnel.  Clothing that is tight fitting or displays messages that are deemed inappropriate will also not be permitted.

From time-to-time the administration may approve a “Dress-Down Day” as a fundraiser, reward, or other unique event.  Each dress-down day will have specific requirements, such as wearing pink for a cancer awareness, and will be clearly communicated in advance.