Athletics Overview

We are the Patriots!


Shenandoah Valley Christian Academy student-athletes and coaches use their sport to promote the cause of Christ, whether it's with opponents or with each other. It's a foundation belief of SVCA Athletics that character will ultimately conquer everything else. This principle will apply to every other area of life.

PatriotSVCA Athletics holds to the strong belief that great teams are made of great individuals-individuals who are consistently challenging themselves in all areas of their life to maximize their God-given talents.

Eight sports are offered at the varsity, junior varsity, and junior high levels. Girls' sports are volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, soccer, cross country, and fast-pitch softball. Boys' sports include soccer, golf, basketball, cross country, and baseball.

The coaching staff at SVCA has a high-level of experience, as some have college playing and college coaching experience. Many of the coaches have been recognized by the local media, as well as conference, state, and national coaching organizations.

In addition to the conference and state association games, SVCA plays regional public schools in regular season games and tournaments. SVCA has won numerous championships at the conference level and at the national level, competing in the National Association of Christian Athletes (NACA) tournaments located in Dayton, Tennessee.

In recent years, SVCA student-athletes have carried a combined 3.6 GPA. In addition to academics, they have gained a wealth of knowledge from the vast cultural experiences provided by the athletic programs with outreach missions trips to the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico.

Conference Association:
Delaney Athletic Conference (DAC)

State Association:
Virginia Independent School Association (VISA)

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Vision Statement

SVCA Mission StatementShenandoah Valley Christian Academy seeks to educate students to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength thus guiding them to embrace and live out God's will for their lives.

Mission Statement

Docs and SupportSVCA will conduct an academic and spiritual program nurtured in Biblical principle that daily opens the minds of students toward being successful in God's eyes. Each student will be challenged with a holistic Christian worldview through total integration of faith and learning in each program.


acts-logoAt Shenandoah Valley Christian Academy we strive toward academic excellence and spiritual growth. As such we are a proud member of the Association of Christian Teachers and Schools.