SVCA seeks to instill the following core values into the lives of the students we educate.

·         SVCA students will equate success in light of the will of God. We attempt to develop world citizens that will be successful in the eyes of God.

·         SVCA students will embrace an informed belief in the inerrant Word of God through sound biblical teaching.

·         SVCA students will develop a commitment to sound decision-making based on Scriptural teaching that places each student in a position to thrive physically, educationally, and spiritually.

·         SVCA students will become responsible citizens, willing to use the means and gifts that God has given them to impact and improve their respective communities, country and world for Christ’s sake.

·         SVCA students will develop a firm commitment to the family and the sacredness of the institution of marriage between a man and woman as established by the Bible.

·         SVCA students will become and remain active members in a local church congregation as an expression of love and obedience to the Savior.