Testimonies from Grades 7-12 Students

I enjoy the activities after school. Playing sports is one of the best parts of school you get to go to nationals and away trips The education is fun way of learning some of the teachers have good skills on a way to teach.

I enjoy going to SVCA because on English class we eat a lot of candy.  We learn a lot of new words during English I like that we go on field trips.  I enjoy field trips I enjoy the sports program I enjoy going to Nationals

I enjoy the basketball athletics at this school because you get to travel to new places The best thing about basketball is going to NACA for a week.

I enjoy field trips and the basketball program I also enjoy the diversity of our students. NACA tournament is also fun.

I have always enjoyed the Christ centered sports teams at SVCA.  The coaches truly care about each student athlete and want each student to succeed.  Athletes are encouraged to achieve good grades, excel in athlete tics and be a Christ centered individual. SVCA is not overly focused on one aspect of an individual but very concerned with developing well rounded individuals.

Testimonies from Parents of current SVCA Students

Every Opinion is welcomed!  Every member of the staff is easily approachable.  Our children come home happy!  Our children look forward each day to SVCA.  SVCA makes us and every person feel special and unique.  The sense of family is felt on day one and continues all the way through.

--Sally Spiewak

I love the way the teachers are dedicated to the Christian Education of eac and every student.  Their compassion for each one of their students and the love they show is undeniable.  There is always a willingness to help any student that has any problems or family matters.

We love the personal touch and the willingness to work with kids individually.

I like the support and “open door policy”  I am always met with when it comes to my child.  I love the difference one year at SVCA has made to my child coming from eight years in public school.  I especially love how genuinely happy my son is!